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In 1984, the Office of International Affairs(OIA) was established at Seoul Campus to promote international education exchange programs for students and faculty members as well as to coordinate various other international activities at the university.
With the enlargement of its roles and activities, the OIA was set up also at
Suwon Campus in 2005.
- Cross-institutional credit exchange programs with sister universities overseas
- Joint-research and faculty exchange programs
- Cultural and educational programs for international students
- Support for the various international conferences and activities held at Kyung Hee
  University (KHU) campuses.

The OIA at KHU would like to provide you with practical suggestions and information
that will help you prepare for living in Korea and studying at KHU. When you arrive,
many KHU students and our staff will guide you to ease into the campus life in Korean
community. Please report to the OIA as soon as you arrive and we will be more than
happy to assist you.
+ Prof. Gon Khang (gkhang@khu.ac.kr)
- Dean, Center for International Exchanges
- Professor, College of Electronics and Information

+ Ms. Kyungmi Kim (kimkm@khu.ac.kr)
- Vice Dean, Center for International Exchanges

+ Ms. Bo-Ah Chang (boa@khu.ac.kr)
- International Program Coordinator

+ Mr. Jongkoo Jo (jongkoojo@khu.ac.kr)
- International Program Coordinator

+ Ms. Seul-ki Lee (sky83@khu.ac.kr)
- International Program Coordinator

+ Mr. Sung-hoon Jung (hoonie@khu.ac.kr)
- International Program Coordinator

+ Ms. Hey-Jin Joung (heyjin@khu.ac.kr)
- Associate Staff
+ Ms. Ji-Young Lee (narangne@khu.ac.kr)
- Associate Staff 

+ Ms. Ji-Eun Kim (soda5242@khu.ac.kr)
- Assistant

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Republic of Korea
>   Phone : + 82-31-201-3177~8
>   Fax : + 82-31-201-3179
>   E-mail : intlctr@khu.ac.kr