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Subject       “Humanities with the public” Humanities lectures agreement ceremony for local residents
Name admin Date 07/06/29
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“Humanities with the public” Humanities lectures agreement ceremony for local residents

Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MOEHRD) recently announced a ‘Basic plan for promoting the Humanities’ on the purpose of activating Humanities in crisis. It’s the plan to foster global-level Humanities research institute intensively with 400billion won. Government has released several plans to promote the Humanities. At this moment, here’s good news of agreement ceremony to revive Humanities by opening Humanities lectures for local underprivileged class.

College of Humanities in Kyung Hee University (KHU) concluded ‘Humanities lecture agreement for local residents’ with 3 institutions such as the Anglican Domain Nowon Sharing House, Gyeonggi Province Self-Sufficiency center, and etc.

The goal of this agreement is to help the underprivileged class including the homeless, low income class, and the disabled to form a community as a member of society by overcoming relative deprivation and having self-confidence through Humanities education. Not only this, KHU returns the results of researching learning to the society, and build up the practical ability as a volunteering college to society.

Lectures will be opened on August for 6 months, and the subject are a total of 5, which are Philosophy, Writing, Art, Literature, and History. Academic staff will be sent from KHU or institution by recommendation simultaneously.

Choi, Sang-jin, Dean of College of Humanities said, “Through this agreement, we could make practical and easy Humanities be in harmony with the public. We will try to make more accessible and easier Humanities to give hope and help the public to understand it better.”

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