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Subject       Adoptee, Foreigner: Views from ‘Marginal Men’
Name admin Date 07/08/06
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Adoptee, Foreigner: Views from ‘Marginal Men’

College of Fine Arts (CFA) of Kyung Hee University (KHU) holds an exhibition, which is called “adoptee, foreigner: views from marginal men”, until September 7th.

CFA invited a great amount of works of “foreign adoptees”, which reflects a sad aspect of past Korean history, to KHU, and made a chance to appreciate and discuss the works.

There will be a total of 32 artists’ works from 13 different countries, including 25 foreign adoptees and 7 foreign artists living in Korea.

A Korean-American adoptee, Hers Kate, shows adoption-related CDs called ‘no title: missing’. “I will show 6 CDs a day so that people can take a total of 228 CDs for 38 days. I prepared 6 CDs for a day to let people know that the number of Koreans adopted to foreign country is 6 a day.” She is in Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Irvine, University of California, and she is the one who suggested this exhibition to Lee Taeho, visiting professor of CFA.

Weimer Maya, who was adopted to America, exhibits a video work presenting secret scene at that time, when she met her biological parents in 1999. She also shows ambiguous works, which is neither a exact documentary nor photos, throughout the exhibition.

Besides these, there are various photographs that adopted artists have used as self-expression methods such as photos taken holding identification number plate in front of then adoption institution, videos, paintings, and etc.

Lee Taeho, professor of CFA and director of the exhibition, says, “History of adoption to foreign country has been over 50years, but still many people see adoptees as special and ambiguous people.” He added, “Through this exhibition, I hope people pay more attention to ‘views from marginal men’ reflected on the works, and have a chance to think and discuss together considering adoptees as ‘we’.”

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